Friday Factoid Week 20

First, another star-studded moonlit photo by Titus, this time of our place.


The boys have been watching with fascination the various countries this blog is visited by during the week.  At last count, WordPress had tracked hits to Godmadeknown from 90 different countries!  (If we added in the hits on our older sites wingedwisdom and fullmanger there would be well over 100 countries!)  If you’ve never clicked on our page “Under the Same Sky,” check it out so you can read the list yourself, and even more importantly, so you can join us in praying for the gospel to go forth to each and every place.  On that page I mention the book “Operation World” which lists every nation on earth alphabetically and gives a missions report for them all.  This is the book we use to pray for the countries that have visited our blog and it has been hugely eye-opening for us.  Even more than that it’s been heart-opening.  Would you join us in prayer for these nations?  Just check tomorrow’s post of our weekly scripture readings and at the bottom will be a list of the 3 or 4 countries that we’ll be praying for this next week.

Friday Factoid Week 19


Titus has been working on some star studded snow photography around our place this week.   Below is winterized version of the Cross and Cosmos photo which headlines this blog.


Click here for a flashback from our Hawaiian homeschool 6 years ago!  Below are few factoids from this week’s study on Uranus.

Titania is Uranus’s largest moon. Pictures taken by the voyager 2 spacecraft show that it is made of ice and rock. The pictures also show that the surface of Titania has enormous canyons. One of the largest canyons is almost 1,000 miles long. Which is roughly the circumference (distance around) of Titania. That’s about half the size of our moon (by Nate, 11)

Uranus might look like a sleeping planet because it is lying down. So its rings are vertical orbiting over its poles. It rotates sideways, not up and down like other planets. God may have created it this way or an giant comet hit it causing it to topple over on its side we do not know for sure (by Joel, 13).


Friday’s Factoid Week 18

Next week is a snow-week for our little star-gazers so while we’re hitting the ski-slopes you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on missed readings or to click around on some of these links .

For starters here’s a Flashback with a fun activity you will definitely want to try at home!

Secondly, click here, here, here and here for a sneak peak at the topic we’re going to be covering when we get back. The links are to posts on the constellations unit we did 6 years ago. Since that time I’ve modified my position somewhat, although I still don’t rule out the possibility that God placed the stars in such a way as to proclaim eternal truths about His Son, Jesus Christ. Psalm 119:89 does say, “Forever O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.”

You’ll have to weigh the evidence for yourselves. A lot of Christians I respect very much stand on either side of the issue. It’s soooo important to give grace to grow in these areas of our faith.  I’ve heard godly pastors like John Piper who have spent decades faithfully preaching God’s sovereign work in creation, called an “evolutionist” by other Christians because of a comment made years ago in an interview hinting at an old-earth creation.  So while I may have been adamant 6 years ago that the “Gospel in the Stars” theory was fact, give me grace to grow!  I’m still learning!  In the mean time enjoy the links. Or better yet, bundle up, step outside and look up at those stars!