Another Fishy Friday Factoid

We took Gideon to see his first movie on the big screen. With the other boys we waited till they were 9 or 10 but you know how it is with the youngest.   Plus, we had very good reasons to bend the rules this time around.  #1 The movie was the new documentary on Apollo 11 and we ARE studying astronomy this year.  #2 It happened to be showing at the historic and CHEAP Palm Theatre in San Luis Obispo so we could actually afford to take the whole family, and #3 Opa was able to go with us and he actually REMEMBERS listening to the live radio broadcasts of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, so obviously the little guy needed to come along, too.  As you can see the film, which was done entirely with original footage from the mission received a unanimous 5-thumbs up from the McEntee boys and a bonus one from Opa as well.  It sure was fun to be sitting next to him and hearing him reminisce during this beautifully done film.  It’s rated G and we all recommend it heartily and without reservation to everyone!  And take an older person with you when you go!

Now lest you think we’re slipping and letting our kids spend their spring break in front of the screen, here are some other things we’ve been up to while visiting Opa on California’s beautiful central coast.  For starters we’ve been celebrating Nathan and Sam’s birthdays and Sam could think of nothing he wanted to do more than ride a horse. Ever since our last road trip to Texas where he discovered his people, Sam has lived, breathed, and dreamt nothing but cowboys and horses.  Thankfully, Opa has connections.  Sam didn’t just get to ride any old horse, he got to ride the great-grand-daughter of Secretariat!




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Gideon’s mount was slightly less prestigious but he was still the cutest little cowboy you ever saw.




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The next day our other birthday boy, Nathan, wanted to do some rock climbing so we took him out to the place where my Dad taught me to climb.  If you happen to be interested in that kind of thing and would like to see my Dad’s qualifications for teaching you can check out the bio my brother’s posted over on his site here and that by another fellow climber, John Gill, here.



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That didn’t wear Birthday Boy out enough so the next day Tom took him and his 2 older brothers out deep sea fishing.




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While Sam and Gideon and I were kicking it on the beach they brought in 35 fish.  Thankfully, Titus has developed into chef extraordinare after working in the Hartland Camp kitchen for a year and can cook the tastiest fish tacos ever.




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So after the movie today, Titus headed back home with Opa, and we gave the other boys one more bite of central coast living by taking them to the SLO Farmers Market.  Besides discovering new favorites like Beef Mac-n-Cheese Quesadillas, they got to experience the old classics like Gum Alley and discussing the ACTUAL state of reality with the local atheists club.




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That’s 3 days down, 3 more to go.  What will tomorrow hold?

Update:  Tomorrow held an indoor climbing gym, bass fishing and yard work for Opa.


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