Friday’s Factoid 25 (by Titus, Joel and Nate)

This week we learned about galaxies like the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. Only spiral galaxies can support life and only on the outer arms. That is where our solar system is (Titus, 9 1/4).

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We learned about the different shapes of galaxies. We made our own galaxies with glitter and glue. Mine was a spiral galaxy and so was Ti’s. Nate’s was a barred spiral galaxy and Sam’s was an irregular galaxy. There are also elliptical galaxies but nobody made one of those (Joel, 7 1/20.
We made Sombrero Galaxies out of tortillas and beans and sour cream and cheese. Our friend Sei made one, too. Then we rolled them into burritos and ate them (Nate, almost 6!).

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Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)
Great place for a messy project.
Great place for a messy project.

With a house full of boys I don’t have a whole lot of glitter in my life. So when I planned this galaxy project I thought we were safe doing it outside on the picnic table. All of you glitter veterans out there are probably laughing at my ignorance. That stuff is a true scientific wonder. The makers of germ warfare should use it as a model. I’ve never seen anything spread so quickly or so thoroughly onto and into every square inch of our persons and household. And showering doesn’t help either. It even showed up on the Sombrero Galaxies we made later. One of our neighbors joined us for that project. The boys taught their friend, Sei, all about galaxies and Sei’s mom gave them their Japanese lesson in return. A great trade off, I think. I started out teaching the boys German with plans to move onto Latin, because that’s what I knew. But the Lord moved us all onto an island in the middle of the Pacific and now they are learning Hawaiian and Japanese instead, two languages I know nothing about. I have no idea how God is planning on using these languages in their future but I’m sure He has something in mind! Oh, and by the time Sei and his mom left they had glitter on them, too.

15 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 25 (by Titus, Joel and Nate)

  1. Oops – – accidently posted before completing the comment. The project looked fun and the lunch delicious . . . the boys comments give evidence they truly know their galaxies . . . thank you for sharing on this wonderful Good Friday!!


    1. We are very thankful for neighbors since we don’t have any family around. This blog project was just supposed to last for this school year but one follower (Opa) in particular is trying to convince us to continue on next year. I’m kind of thinking no still at this point. Now, you being the extremely crafty person you are probably could have warned me about the glitter, right? 🙂


  2. This made me laugh – I love glitter, because it adds sparkle to my life – glitter in the rug, glitter in the dish cloth, glitter in the table grooves weeks later … just love it!!!!!! But sadly we don’t use it very often because not everyone in my family thinks it’s funny!

    I think it is SO awesome that your children are exposed to these wonderful languages. I am sure God is equipping them for something.


  3. Glitter is one of the things I don’t like about Christmas — even with boys, there’s always glitter stuck to their faces somewhere when they come home from church and then I keep finding it in our food for a few days. So grateful for my boys, so that I only have to worry about seasonal onslaughts of glitter and not year-round glitter!


  4. If you follow this link, it will take you to a science site where scientists ask the general public to help them, among other things, look for things in pictures from the Hubble telescope that machines have trouble identifying. You can participate in looking for where new planets may be, where new stars are forming, etc.


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