Snorkel Under the Stars

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Just past the condo complex we live in is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on the Big Island. On any given day the beach there will be packed with hundreds of people getting there first glimpses of sea turtles, eels, crabs and a hundred kinds of brightly colored tropical fish. All our boys have learned to snorkel there and every time they go they see something different. Lately though, they’ve figured out that the dark hours of the night are not just for sleeping and stargazing, they are for snorkeling, too. But for these starlit snorkel outings they head the opposite direction to another spot where the manta rays are known to congregate. These giant creatures have a “wing” span of 6-20 feet and feed on the plankton attracted by the spotlights of the snorkelers. For a small fortune you can pay to be taken out on a boat equipped with spotlights and snorkel gear right out to where the mantas are. Or if you are super adventurous, you can swim from shore through the dark (and Mom’s quite certain, shark infested) waters which is of course, the method my dear husband and our two oldest boys prefer. Last week, Joel came back from his first manta swim all excited because not only was there a big one circling all around him but the “water was full of twinkling lights,” too. No, the stars hadn’t fallen into the sea. He had just encountered a host of tiny, bioluminescent creatures. How awesome that our God chooses even the darkness of night to reveal his splendor, not just through the vastness of space but even to the depths of the sea. As this week’s memory verse beautifully states, “You are the Lord, you alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you preserve all of them.” -Nehemiah 9:6

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9 thoughts on “Snorkel Under the Stars

      1. I would be terrified, too! Oh my!

        Also, I have a friend who suggested Christian Light Education for Language Arts because they combine grammar and spelling in one course. I thought maybe you said you were looking to change up your spelling. Anyway, it might be worth looking into… I am going to look over the samples. I still may end up with Rod and Staff.


    1. I’ve never done it myself (and don’t ever plan to -I’m a total wimp out in the ocean, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT!!!) but I hear it’s pretty awesome. And the further out and deeper you go the more amazing it gets.


  1. Reading your article and looking at the pictures of your boys snorkeling brought back memories when I was stationed in Hawaii. I did a lot of snorkeling myself and how beautiful it is on the ocean floor. What a great memory verse for your boys and for them to be able to see God’s creation first hand has to be a thrilling experience for them. I’m jealous – can I come and visit you.


    1. Bring the whole family! We live in the middle of vacation rental central. Condos with kitchens are way more reasonable than hotels and restaurants. We’ll have the snorkel gear waiting! 🙂


  2. Liked the idea of the “stars” falling into the sea; also enjoyed your creative weekly alphabet of scripture and song. Encouragement and blessings on your homeschool journey; so many opportunities to show children the God of the universe.


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