Friday’s Factoid 12 (from all of us!)

A Hawaiian Thanksgiving

On the morning of Thanksgiving we went down to the bay
and watched Daddy paddle with the crew.

Did some paddling of our own to start off Thanksgiving day
so we’d have big appetites for all that food.

Mom wrapped the turkey up in a big banana leaf,
while it cooked we went to church in Kona Town.

Then we set up pretty tables for our friends down on the beach
and ate there while we watched the sun go down.

This year we’re really thankful for our friends and family
and for all of you who read this blog each week!

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 12 (from all of us!)

  1. WOW! So neat! I enjoy peeking at your life in Hawaii! 🙂 My husband & I visited as newlyweds (we still laugh about our pupu platter) and hope to visit again for our 10 year anniversary next year, Lord willing. Wahoo! Your sweet boys remind me of my busy little crew… 3-7 yrs. Would love to hear your story one day (in the years to come)… love the German grandparent names 🙂 I always enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing His goodness and glory and dominion and power with the world… Or at least 30 something (+?) countries! 🙂 Happy (late) Thanksgiving!


  2. A great photo! I suppose Tom is in the distant canoe waving the paddle. I’m going to make a large print of this one. And is Ti going out to meet his father?

    Shannon, we adopted the German name when Julie was teaching the boys German. It now looks like we’ll be taking on an Hawaiian grandparent tag, whatever that is!

    Opa Jim


    1. Yes, Tom is in fact, the distant paddle waver. As to your Hawaiian handle, it would be Kupuna Kane, a mouthful for anyone, so you’re stuck with plain old ‘Opa’ wherever on Earth we are 🙂


  3. I love the picture of aurora borealis. It’s amazing to me someday. I would love to see those magnificent lights in person. We have also been studying outer space and I think It’s so cool that the earth and different galaxies can make sounds. 🙂


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