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Be Ye Thankful

Happy Fall Y’all!  Hope you’re all enjoying a break from the study this week while you prepare to offer thanks with your families to our Heavenly Father.  To fill in the gap, here’s a flashback to our Hawaiian Thanksgiving 6 years ago.  I also wanted to take this time to look ahead at what we’ll be doing for the month of December.  Last year I shared an Advent devotional tradition with some of our extended family members and opened it up to others through a blog called Come Lord Jesus.  If you are looking for a way to lead your family through the Great Story of Redemption this holiday season, feel free to follow along.  For the next couple of weeks the entire contents of the devotional are available on the blog site and then starting December 1 the devotionals will be re-posted individually each day.  This sneak peak will allow you time to gather and prepare the little objects we use to assist in memorizing the family figures in Christ’s salvation story.  If you need help locating any of the items just leave a comment or drop me an email.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And Come, Lord Jesus.

Friday’s Factoid 12 (from all of us!)

A Hawaiian Thanksgiving

On the morning of Thanksgiving we went down to the bay
and watched Daddy paddle with the crew.

Did some paddling of our own to start off Thanksgiving day
so we’d have big appetites for all that food.

Mom wrapped the turkey up in a big banana leaf,
while it cooked we went to church in Kona Town.

Then we set up pretty tables for our friends down on the beach
and ate there while we watched the sun go down.

This year we’re really thankful for our friends and family
and for all of you who read this blog each week!