Happy Thanksgiving and Hau’ oli la hanau, Uncle Jody!

Today, all of our extended family members will be gathered around mainland tables with other family members and we’re really missing everyone, so here’s a “Happy Thanksgiving” to all the families out there enjoying our Lord’s gracious bounty and rich togetherness. Also, a special shout out to my big brother, Jody, the second-best fisherman in the family and definitely the best photographer, whose birthday it is and who just posted this awesome video of some of his photos on Youtube that I wanted to share with the world (or at least the 3450 countries that have come across this blog). You can see more of his work at http://www.sierramountainphotography.com/

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and Hau’ oli la hanau, Uncle Jody!

  1. Eunie and I are sitting here this morning just having placed the turkey in the roaster as we have done so frequently on previous thanksgivings. There will only be 12 of us at the table today, way short of the 42 that we had in a past year. Many loved ones have gone home to their heavenly father and I am sure are praising the Lord as they await others to join them soon. Others, including your family, find themselves geographically distanced from those they love and who love them. Recognize that our time will coincide with your time and we will be praying for you, your family, our family and the family of God as we sit down to thank Him for his love, mercy, provision and direction over this past year. We miss being able to touch you and hug you and laugh with you and enjoy you all, but our hearts are content for we can say as you say; “I have learned to be contented in whatever circumstances I find myself”. God is sovereign and soon, and very soon, we will be together again. Tom, Julie, Titus, Joel, Nathan, and Sam–have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love, Dave and Eunie (Opa and Oma)


    1. At least we won’t be all alone. We’ve rounded up 15-20 neighbors to share our imu pit turkey with on the beach later. But first we’re off to watch Tom paddle. Love to you all.


  2. What a great morning to wake up to! Yes, what a fine uncle you boys have in Jody. We climbed the mountain together in that first picture above (Seven Gables), and got caught in a snow storm coming down. I remember, too, your mother winning every trout fishing contest on the pack trips we took together. Maybe not the biggest, but the most! There will be 24 of us together here today, including your Aunt Jennie, uncles Jody and Justin and 8 of your cousins. And your mother’s cousin, Capi, is here also. How thankful you must be to have two Omas and two Opas who love you so very much. And we’re so thankful for your Daddy. Our LORD is wonderful!


  3. Julie, I want to mention also how hard your mother has worked to prepare for all our guests while not feeling well. She’s great at it and loves doing it, but I know it’s hard.
    I love her and appreciate her so much as the years go by. My hope is that you, Jennie and Chris will have a precious time together when we get there.


  4. Well Julie, I am glad you finally admitted I am a better fisherman than you. We all know Justin is the best and since I am second best that makes you third. Not bad.

    Happy Thanksgiving, we miss you!


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