Hoping for a cloudless night

Found a neat website that allows you to track the current location of the International Space Station and see what it’s view of the earth might be like.
Also, you can find out when you can actually see the ISS overhead by plugging in your current location on NASA’s website.
Just go to the blue “connect to mission” box on the lower left and click the orange “station sightings” button.
There should be a 2 minute window tonight and a 4 minute window tomorrow night when we can see the ISS cross over Kona. Unfortunately we’ve had a lot of patchy clouds lately, which makes for some great sunsets, but not very good star-gazing.

3 thoughts on “Hoping for a cloudless night

  1. Good morning, Everyone! This morning I went out to try and catch a glimpse of the International Space Station despite a few clouds in the early morning sky. The object was slated to pass over Kailua-Kona at 5:35 a.m. coming from the South-West and heading toward the North. I could clearly see Venus and the moon amidst scattered cloud cover and then: there it was! It appeared close to the horizon and initially I thought it was a fading star I’d not noticed before. A bright white light–surprisingly bright–was there, seemingly still in the sky, but growing brighter. After keeping a steady eye on it, I then noticed that indeed it was moving and its trajectory was aimed directly my way, toward the North. I didn’t time it, but all in all, I’d say my view of it lasted for a good 30-40 seconds as it darted by clouds and then passed right next to my view of Venus. And, funny, Venus is what it looked like, though perhaps slightly brighter. I could be wrong, but it seems to me the brightness had to do with the sun’s light reflecting off of it this morning. What an awe-inspiring morning!


  2. Yeah! We finally got a good view of the ISS this morning at 5:34. Watched for 5 minutes from the wide open space of the golf course as the space station came over the ocean then passed behind a nearby volcano, Hualalai. According to the iss.astroviewer site we were following on our iphone at the time, the space station was actually passing to the north of us over Honolulu. Great little field trip and definitely worth getting up early for.


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