Happy Back-to-School!

Thank you Lord for hot-dogs and friends to share them with!

To kick off the new school year we decided to throw a Back-to-School hot-dog BBQ and Benediction and invited the other three families in our neighborhood. The kids had fun playing together in their favorite Banyan tree followed by some rowdy fun in the pool.

4 thoughts on “Happy Back-to-School!

  1. Hello, Julie, Your father, at your mother’s request, sent me the link to your blog. I look forward to following you! What a lovely neighborhood! Are you at the same location you were last year? God bless this year and your study of the heavens which declare the glory of God! Lovingly, Paula J


  2. Aloha, Paula! Yes, we’re back in the same place so the boys were excited to see their neighbor friends again. Thanks so much for checking out our school blog. I’m honored to be visited by one of the great masters! Your family is such an inspiration. Love to you and yours!


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