Extra Fishy Friday Factoid

So I know this is technically an astronomy blog but it appears The Land of the Midnight Sun is famous for more than its seasonal light extremes and displays. Apparently it’s pretty well known for its fish. And a few other critters besides. So with one day left in the Last Frontier here’s our critter count so far.

Spotted: Grizzly and Black Bears, Mountain Goats and Dall Sheep, Moose and Reindeer (aka caribou), Beluga Whales and Porpoise, Endangered Stellers Sea Lions and Harbor Seals, Otters and Beavers, Golden and Bald Eagles, Ptarmigans and Puffins, Sand Hill Cranes and Swans.

Caughted: 12 Rainbow Trout, 1 Northern Pike, 22 Arctic Grayling, 8 Ling Cod, and 16 Salmon

Notice we only have actual numerical tallies for the fish. We really only have clear pictures for the fish as well. And of fish pictures there are too many to count. Priorities, right?

But since this is technically an astronomy blog, here a few sunrise and sunset scenes to sum up our Great Alaska Adventure.

Goodbye Alaska. You were a thousand times more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Friday Factoid Week 5

Here’s some great news for those of you who have been struggling to keep up with the posts and Scripture readings.  You’re all getting a two week break!  So go ahead and catch up and in the mean-time we’ll be praying that God will continue to make Himself known.

And if you still really need your astronomy fix, here’s a flashback to what was going on in our Hawaiian homeschool 6 years ago this week.  And here’s another one for next week.