Off Like A Herd Of Turtles

We always start our first day of school with THE FIRST DAY OF EVERYTHING!


We are off to a pretty slow start this year.  Maybe we’re all just a little worn out from Gideon’s epic “Down By The Creekbank” Birthday celebration.  Am I the only one who remembers “The Creekbank Kids?”  No one around here seemed to get my theme.


What could be more fun than wiggly worms, tiny tree frogs, and big ol’ toads?

Except for maybe cupcakes with gummy frogs on top?


Or even better yet, a turtle piñata full of sour worms, gold fish crackers, gummy bears and DumDums? Pretty sure I got the whole food chain in there.  Why is it so fun to look at pictures of poor little blind folded children desperately swinging a stick at the air.

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I’d like to say that we really are going to buckle down this week and get serious about school but unfortunately we only have more fun in store around here.  Homeschool Family Camp starts this Thursday!  If you’ve never experienced the thrill that is Hartland Homeschool Family Camp you are seriously missing out.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.

And finally, did you know that 6 years ago today we were starting our school year off on the Big Island of Hawaii studying birds?  Well, it’s that time again.  We’ve gone through all the days of creation and have arrived back at the flying and swimming creatures of the fifth day.  So we’re resurrecting our old “Winged Wisdom” blog and have given it a new name: “Of Skies and Seas.”  You can follow us on over there by clicking here.  Happy Back-to-School everyone!

6 thoughts on “Off Like A Herd Of Turtles

  1. What a great article. Thanks for sharing your first day of school. My daughter homeschools as well! I love your idea which I noticed in a photo of writing scripture at the bottom of your stairs on the chalkboard. That’s so cool!

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    1. Thanks! And so glad your daughter has a supportive mama in you! I used to write our memory verses on a white board on the kitchen wall and they would just stand around it to memorize. That’s tough for longer passages like we have right now. Writing it at the bottom of the stairs means they all have a place to sit while trying to memorize and it’s also the first thing they see when they come downstairs in the morning. Nothing like being greeted with God’s Word!

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  2. Yes. And I read advice from Billy Graham a number of years ago. Someone had asked him how he memorized scripture because he so quickly would quote it. He said that he always left his bible open in a well trafficked area of the house like the kitchen counter. That way he was continually taking it in. I loved that suggestion! Good for you mom with your children. I always tell my daughter that they are her main and most important ministry at this time in life.

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