Friday Factoid Week 21

Last weak we received in the mail from a friend of ours a piece of space blanket that is going to be wrapped around the exterior of a satellite/probe/spacecraft that is going to orbit the planet Mars (its name I can not reveal). The space blanket consists of sixteen different layers. The copper one is what touches space, the middle fourteen are a special fire-proof materiel called Nomax and the bottom layer is what touches the actual spacecraft. The engineer who designed the blanket based it off of the materiel that covered the Apollo lunar landers that landed on the moon (by, Joel age 13).

I drew a picture of the satellite that is going to Mars.  And I drew Mars.  It is red.              (by Gideon, age 5)

We did an experiment with the space blanket.  We held it in our hand and put an ice cube on it.  You could not feel the cold come through the layers.  Also it didn’t get any condensation on it.  We also tried to burn one of the inner layers and it wouldn’t burn (by Nate, age 11).

Our theme for Winter Camps at Hartland this year was Satellite.  My favorite speaker was my Dad.  He talked about Jonah running from God. All the speakers taught us cool things about God and space and how we should orbit God because He made us.  Jonah wasn’t orbiting God.  My favorite band was the Bryan Easter Band because they have the best drummer and I play the drums (by Sam, age 9).


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