Friday Factoid Week 10

A Gideon Exclusive!

My favorite part about astronomy is looking at the moon. We look at it in our telescope and it has lots of bumps. The moon goes around the earth and the earth goes around the sun and the sun goes around nothing I think. And people have gone around the moon and people have gone on the moon. But Andrew says they didn’t. Here is my sticker picture that I made about the moon and about the earth and about space shuttles and I don’t want to go on one (dictated to Mom by Gideon, 5).

4 thoughts on “Friday Factoid Week 10

  1. Gideon, you tell Andrew that your grandpa, Jim, watched the first man land on the moon. He climbed down the ladder on his spaceship and stepped on the moon. Very carefully and slowly! His name was Armstrong and he said, “One small step for man and one giant step for mankind.” You tell Andrew your grandpa actually heard him say it! They made a movie about it and you can see it at the movie show right now!
    Opa Jim


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