Friday’s Factoid 32 (by Titus and Joel)

We are studying about astronauts. There are astronauts in space right now on the International Space Station. We have seen it flying over Hawaii. You can see it fly over your house too if you look it up on the internet (Joel 7 1/2).

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The astronauts in space are mostly doing science experiments. We did more science experiments this week too. We learned about a law called inertia and how fire needs oxygen and how heated up air particles can make things move (Titus, 9).

Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)

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To kick off our space travel and technology unit, we took a little field trip to see our neighbors, Dick and Linda. Dick is a retired helicopter pilot and therefore, the closest thing to an astronaut in our neighborhood. And according to my boys, helicopters are almost as cool as rockets and definitely worth learning a thing or two about. So armed with a page full of questions and empty tummies (gotta have room for Linda’s yummy homemade cookies), we headed next door for a lesson in “lift.” This is the second time we have done an interview/lesson with one of our elderly neighbors and it is a practice we will definitely be continuing. Not only do our boys gain valuable information, the older folks seem to genuinely enjoy being put in the spot light for a while and having their wealth of knowledge and wisdom tapped. Next time you are tempted to just Google a subject for answers, think first if there isn’t some older person in your life who might be an “expert” in that field. I guarantee you’ll walk away richer and wiser for the experience and you’ll leave someone else feeling a little more valued. That’s way more than an hour spent surfing the web could ever offer.
(For more on building relationships with seniors click here).

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 32 (by Titus and Joel)

    1. Sadly, they are often the most neglected members of society and the church seems to be following suit in their treatment of the elderly. Just look how youth-centered our programs & services have become and how little consideration is given for the tastes/traditions of our older members.


  1. Looks like another fun week for your crew! Lots of smiles! Thanks for your two-cents, Mom. It is a reminder I need! After being in school-school (as opposed to homeschool) and seeing some socialization that wasn’t very edifying, I think I’ve been in “hunker down at home” mode. There IS a great medium– especially when Mom and Dad aren’t too far away! It looks like the relationships outside of your family really are great for your boys AND for the friends they’ve made. Loved your “token” post a couple of weeks back, too. (Totally not against school, by the way. Ours was a Christ-centered, classical, great-for-some-families school. Just wanted to add that.)


    1. Oh, not ALL homeschool socialization is beneficial. I already suspect I have one or two little “crowd-pleasers” in the mix that need constant monitoring in their interactions with others. I sometimes feel sorry for homeschooled kids who have Mom around all day keeping tabs on what they say and do. They sure don’t get away with much! 🙂


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