Friday’s Factoid 31 (by Titus, Joel, and Nate)

We started learning about space travel. We learned about rockets and the Space Race with Russia. Russia sent a little dog named Laika into space in a rocket and everyone loved Laika but Laika died because the Russians didn’t know very much about staying alive in space (Joel, 7 1/2).

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We did lots of science experiments this week. We turned water upside down and it didn’t spill and we tried to drink water through straws with one straw in the cup and one straw not in the cup. That doesn’t work at all. We hung balls from a string and blew in between them and they banged together instead of blowing apart (Nate, 6).

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Yesterday was a Solar Eclipse. We used special glasses to watch it and we made a special viewing box that made a picture of the sun on a screen so it wouldn’t hurt our eyes (by Titus, 9).

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 31 (by Titus, Joel, and Nate)

  1. Hi boys – – you have been really busy with alot of fun things. I wanted to answer some questions that I received from you. 1. If you all blew through straws surrounding balloons, what would the balloons do? Answer: They would fly away. No! They would be drawn toward each other as the moving air in between them would locally reduce the air pressure and the atmosphere would push them together. 2. What happens to the class of water when you turn it upside down with a piece of cardboard over the mouth. Answer: The water would be trapped in the class by the atmospheric pressure pushing up on the cardboard. This is tricky to do, but can be done. 3. What happens when you drink water from a glass with two straws in your mouth, one in the water and the other outside the glass? Water is pushed up a straw by the atmospheric pressure when we lower the pressure in our mouth by reducing the air inside it. However, the second straw will not allow that pressure change in our mouth and consequently the water will remain in the glass. I think.
    I want you to know that I have enjoyed reading your blogs from time to time and am amazed at the good and exciting things that you are studying. The universe is an amazing thing that God holds together wrapping His arms around galaxies to keep them from falling apart. And those same arms hold you gently as He leads in what you are doing every day. Good Job God! And thanks for sharing your experiences with me and Oma. Opa


    1. Thanks Opa! I thought you might recognize some of these experiments from your days teaching physics. I found them in an old book from the 50’s. You know you’re dealing with dated material when one of the instructions reads, “first put some smoke from your father’s cigarette in the box…” We’re thinking maybe if the Russians knew a little more about this atmospheric pressure stuff poor little Laiko wouldn’t have died.


  2. Cool

    Did they really only send one dog to space?
    You might already know this but they sent more dogs up and the ones that died usually died of constipation


    1. Hi Ethan! We are glad you got home. We missed you at the pool today. Laiko was just the first dog in space and she got too hot. After the dogs they sent monkeys instead. from Titus


  3. Looks like you guys are having fun again! Is this more socializing going on?! Is that Sei? Love this post. The pictures with the balls are my favorites. So, so cute! It looks like Sam (?) is having a blast! Isn’t homeschool fun?!


    1. These simple experiments were a huge hit, even with little Sam, and the solar eclipse really topped off our week. The extra boy with the solar viewing glasses is Kane who lives downstairs from us. The extra boy looking into our special viewing box is one of the boys who has been visiting from Canada. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Have a great weekend!


    1. We nearly missed it, too, but the clouds broke just in time. The greatest thing about those experiments is that they didn’t require ANY planning at all. We’re working our way through a 1950’s era book called “Easy Science Experiments” by Louis W. Kleinman. All with stuff found around the house minus all our modern day pre-cautions (a lot involve matches and at least one involved swiping a cigarette off your father). Even the failed ones (which I didn’t post), were fun to try and provided some laughs.


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