Friday’s Factoid 29

Here is the last installment of our Zodiac rhyme. Once again it’s just me, the teacher, as the boys were far too busy SOCIALIZING this morning to get any school-work done (Hmmm, that might be worthy of it’s own post). To see the previous 2 installments click here and here.

Next comes charging the TAURUS bull,
Breathing wrath and powerful,
Vengeful gaze from horned head,
He comes to judge the quick and dead.
Two twins united in starry form,
GEMINI breeds the perfect storm,
Of Princely Judge come to rule,
And suffering servant with warrior’s tool.
CANCER represents a fold,
A circling-in, a safe stronghold,
When all God’s people shall be gathered in,
To rest securely in our shepherds pen.
As written in the Good Book’s end,
The Lion of Judah returns again.
LEO destroys the dreaded snake,
Then ascends on high His throne to take.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 29

  1. This is just so cool! Amazing! That Lion from the tribe of Judah from Rev reminds me…. we have been listening to some radio drama thanks to your suggestion. We are starting with the Narnia series. The kids love it, and so do Mom and Dad! Thanks! And way to go with all of that socialization! 🙂


    1. I think what amazes me the most is that the redemptive story was written in the stars before mankind was ever put on the earth! Oh, and by the way, I’m already working on my token homeschool socialization post for next week. 🙂


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