Friday’s Factoid 20 (by Titus and Joel)

The winds on Saturn blow over 1000 miles an hour. That is faster than the speed of sound. Saturn’s winds are so strong because it is spinning so fast. It rotates faster than any other planet except Jupiter and takes only about 10 hours to make a day. But it takes 30 Earth-years for Saturn to orbit the sun (Titus, 9).
Saturn has over 30 moons. Some of the moons are in Saturn’s rings and they are called the shepherd moons because they help keep the rings in the right place. Saturn has thousands of rings and they are made of ice and rocks and dust and are not very thick (Joel, 7 1/2).

Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)

The boys had so much fun experimenting with the “soap that floats” during our study of the gaseous planets that I decided to throw another sudsy experiment their way. This time we put liquid dish soap in the blender with about 10 parts water and gave it a lengthy whirl. The result was a thick, foamy slime just perfect for smearing around. I made enough batches to fill a sand pail full for each of the boys and cut them loose with rags in the kitchen, bathrooms and tile hall ways. To make it easier, I cleared all our counters first and had the boys put socks on their feet for extra skating traction. After about 45 minutes of slippin’, slidin’ and scrubbin’ I gave them all dry towels to go over the surfaces again with. Spring cleaning and science fun in one! The boys had a blast and our kitchen and bathrooms have never been sparklier.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 20 (by Titus and Joel)

    1. I have heard rumors about my mother-in-law standing her boys in the shower tub full of laundry and soap and letting them stomp around until the clothes were clean but I’ll have to verify that one 🙂 Any comments, Oma???


  1. Entrepreneurial!

    Under the guise of home school scientific experimentation, you have a marketable cleaning service without violating child labor laws. The only question is should you charge clients by the hour or the job?


    1. You wouldn’t have to charge these guys at all. They loved it as long as I kept their buckets full of the slimy suds. Nate even asked if they could “play soap” again for his birthday!


  2. OK – – Oma is laughing with fun memories and gratefulness. The ‘full-shower-episodes’ were specifically designed to ‘save washing time’ – – all the fam knows my ‘laundry issues’! I want to fly the boys here for permanent residence household cleaning – – – after all the hugs and love. Thank you Julie for the wonderful glimpses . . . Hi to all the precious boys in your life!!!


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