A not-so-scientific experiment…

The past few weeks we have been experimenting with a new school-day schedule with the following goals in mind:
1. Get the math instruction out of the way all at once because it does require my focused attention for each student individually. But if I know that’s the only thing I have to do that day…. awesome! We can ease into our week by tackling only one subject head on.
2. Pull out the textbooks once and get deep into the zone for that day only
3. Free up Wednesdays for more independent busy work that travels well since we often find ourselves going places midweek
4. Creative, messy, hand’s on, take-it-to-the-next-level activities all on the same day so we only have to cover the table and wipe up glue spills once!
5. A book/instruction-free day to end the week. Just the facts, thank you very much!
6. Get’s us even further away from the snippet style post-modern learning experience and gives us an opportunity to really work particular areas of the brain for a whole day. The subject matter might vary but the thought processes involved should remain fairly constant.
7. At the very least, gives us a little break from our normal routine while we try something new. Here’s what it looks like so far:

-Begin each day with Bible reading, memory verse work, and hymns.
-End each day with Ukelele lessons, Bible and literature reading with Dad, plus star-gazing if it’s clear.

Everyday Essentials
Everyday Essentials

Math Mondays
-Read aloud from “How Math Works” (a rather corny book put out by Reader’s Digest with lots of colorful pictures of kids doing fun math things and even more rather un-fun, dry, adult level narrative on the history of math. I have to do a lot of ad-libbing when I read this book but it is very interesting and I love anything that helps put what we’re studying into context).
-Go-over and complete entire week’s math assignments
-Math games
Math Mondays
Math Mondays

Textbook Tuesdays
-Read aloud from Science textbooks
-Read aloud from Hawaiian Language textbooks
-Older boys read together and work from English textbook while I work with little brother on reading.
Textbook Tuesdays
Textbook Tuesdays

Workbook Wednesdays
-Science workbooks
-Hawaiian language workbook
-Phonics workbooks
Workbook Wednesdays
Workbook Wednesdays

Deep-Thought Thursdays
-Astronomy related oral math problem of the week from Bedtimemath.org
-Read aloud any astronomy related news articles from the week, glue into scrapbook
-Science experiments and activities
-Hawaiian culture and art projects
We love activities we can eat like these Oreo Cookie Moon Phases
We love activities we can eat like these Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Factoid Fridays
-Memory verse recital
-Hawaiian language vocab cards/quizzes
-Write and post Friday’s Factoid
-Add any new date cards to Living Timeline
-Math flash cards
-Spelling lists and quizzes
Just the facts, thank you very much.
Just the facts, thank you very much.

11 thoughts on “A not-so-scientific experiment…

  1. I have considered “blocking” our days out similarly and doing all math one day, all history/literature another, etc., but I might choke my oldest child on math day. And I’m not sure if he would retain what he was learning from week to week. Do your boys retain it or do you throw in a math worksheet or two on worksheet Wednesday?


    1. Ha! Sorry, it doesn’t matter how you schedule your days, at some point you WILL want to choke someone :). I have used Wednesdays to administer math tests and they are working on flashcard on Fridays. Plus we do a little brain warm-up with an oral word problem on Thursdays so it’s not like the only time they see math is on Mondays. It’s just the only time I’m having to do serious one-on-one instruction. So far it’s working great and we will definitely be continuing this format.


  2. There are 2 books in your phonics pic that look so familiar to me. Instead of looking through my closet, I’ll just ask you… “Everywhere We Go” & “Phonics Workbook” in the front..??? Who publishes those? I must have used another from same company! 🙂
    We are new at homeschooling & keep trying to “figure it out”!! I taught “school-school” for several years, but this is a little different… A LOT different… (with many more blessings!!). Your new schedule is so interesting. I have finally moved math to our first subject for the day (after hymn- Bible- memory time)! The artsy side of me loved putting it off! 🙂 One day per week sounds great!
    Love # 6 on the list.
    Can you post more or tell me more about your “living timeline”?
    Love, love the cookies!
    How old are kiddos? 8, 7, 5, 3?? I can remember somewhat because mine are –almost– 8, 7, 4, 4 🙂 but not quite 🙂
    Whew! This is one long comment!


    1. The English textbook, Phonics workbook and the Everywhere We Go workbook are all from Rod & Staff publishers. Their kindergarten workbooks are great but the phonics ones are pretty mediocre. The English text is thorough, simple to use, and
      like all R&S resources, inexpensive! I’ll see if I can get a post together about our living timeline, my new favorite education invention. As to our boys’ ages, my oldest would be very upset if I didn’t mention that he is soon to be 9. Which makes the next 71/2, then “almost 6” and “almost 4” :). And don’t worry, my Dad still holds the record for longest comments. 🙂


  3. Hello Boys – – can’t wait to be part of the new schedule – – but will plan activity with Opa for Math Mondays – – ha, had! See you soon! Today, your cousin Elsie is 4!


  4. Absolutely LOVE this post! Being new to this we are still trying to figure out what works for us. It seems especially chaotic around holidays! Definitely going to try out your schedule. Thanks for the tips!


    1. Finding what makes sense and works for your family is a never-ending process. And it will NEVER look just like someone else’s. Experimenting is key. Keeping your boys happy and learning is key. Keeping yourself from becoming overwhelmed is key. Keeping Our Creator and Sustainer God at the center of it all is key. Keeping your homeschool looking like the classrooms you grew up in or the seemingly perfect little family you saw on-line IS DEFINITELY NOT KEY! Have fun and enjoy the holidays 🙂


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