Friday Factoid Week 20

First, another star-studded moonlit photo by Titus, this time of our place. The boys have been watching with fascination the various countries this blog is visited by during the week.  At last count, WordPress had tracked hits to Godmadeknown from 90 different countries!  (If we added in the hits on our older sites wingedwisdom and […]

Friday Factoid Week 19

Titus has been working on some star studded snow photography around our place this week.   Below is winterized version of the Cross and Cosmos photo which headlines this blog. Click here for a flashback from our Hawaiian homeschool 6 years ago!  Below are few factoids from this week’s study on Uranus. Titania is Uranus’s […]

Friday Factoid Week 17

Did you know that stuff in space actually does make noise?  NASA has recorded some of the sounds made by planets in our solar system, stars and even mysterious sounds in interstellar space.  Isn’t it cool to think that Earth has it’s own special song?  What must this cosmic orchestra sound like to God?  You […]