Friday Factoid Week 19


Titus has been working on some star studded snow photography around our place this week.   Below is winterized version of the Cross and Cosmos photo which headlines this blog.


Click here for a flashback from our Hawaiian homeschool 6 years ago!  Below are few factoids from this week’s study on Uranus.

Titania is Uranus’s largest moon. Pictures taken by the voyager 2 spacecraft show that it is made of ice and rock. The pictures also show that the surface of Titania has enormous canyons. One of the largest canyons is almost 1,000 miles long. Which is roughly the circumference (distance around) of Titania. That’s about half the size of our moon (by Nate, 11)

Uranus might look like a sleeping planet because it is lying down. So its rings are vertical orbiting over its poles. It rotates sideways, not up and down like other planets. God may have created it this way or an giant comet hit it causing it to topple over on its side we do not know for sure (by Joel, 13).


Friday Factoid Week 17

Did you know that stuff in space actually does make noise?  NASA has recorded some of the sounds made by planets in our solar system, stars and even mysterious sounds in interstellar space.  Isn’t it cool to think that Earth has it’s own special song?  What must this cosmic orchestra sound like to God?  You can click on the following links for a small taste of “The Music of the Spheres.”

Earth’s Song here

Sounds of all the planets here

Intersteller space sounds here

If you’ve never heard it before make sure you also listen to this clip from a message by Louis Giglio about the sounds of the stars.

Louis Giglio here

And here’s a Flashback to go along with next week’s readings on the heavens giving praise.  If you’re into history you’ll love this seldom-heard story!


Friday Factoid Week 13

The boys have been deep into studying Mars this week but you’ll have to wait for their report until January because I’m hijacking today’s post to remind everyone that starting tomorrow we’ll be blogging from our other site Come, Lord Jesus thru December.  So click on the this link and be sure to sign up to follow Come, Lord Jesus.

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In the meantime check out these Flashbacks from our Hawaiian Homeschool 6 years ago here, here, and here.