Week 28

Memory Verse:  Acts 2:20,21 Reading #1: Isaiah 24:21-25:9 Questions:  What do you think it means that “the moon will be confounded and the sun ashamed?”  What promises can we look forward to in Isaiah 25:6-9? Reading #2:  Jeremiah 4:23-28 Questions:  Which other passage in scripture does this one seem to be both echoing and undoing? […]

Week 27

Memory Verse:  2 Peter 1:19 Reading #1:  Isaiah 59 Questions:  According to verse 2-13 what insurmountable problem are we facing?  according to verses 16-20, what solution did God bring to this problem? Reading #2:  Malachi 4 Questions:  What 2 things are being promised in verses 1 and 2? Reading #3:  Luke 1:67-80 Questions:  Which promised […]

Week 26

Memory Verse:  Isaiah 49:10 Questions:  Which elements of nature will the Lord protect His people from in the day of salvation?                 Reading #1:  Jonah Questions:  In Jonah 1:4,15 and 17, which elements of nature does the Lord control?  In Jonah 4:6,7, and 8, which elements of nature […]