Week 29

Memory Verse:  Isaiah 60:19,20

Reading #1:  Matthew 17:1-13

Questions:  What did the 3 disciples see in verse 8?  What didn’t they see?

Reading #2:  John 8:12-20

Questions:  What objections do the Pharisees raise against the claims of Jesus being the light?  How does Jesus answer those claims?  How does the physical property of light bear witness to itself?

Reading #3:   John 12:44-50

Questions:  It’s interesting that Jesus is said to have “cried out” the words in this passage.  What is it about His message here is so requiring of the immediate and full attention of His listeners?

Reading #4:  1 John 1:1-10

Questions:  Identify the 7 sensory references in verses 1-3.  Now, isn’t it interesting that in verse 5, John is proclaiming what he has heard, that God is light?  How does this statement point to the illuminating power of the word of God?

Psalms and Hymns:  

I Am Bound for The Promised Land:  All over those wide extended plains shines one sternal day; there God the Son forever reigns and scatters night away.”

Praying Under the Same Sky:

United Kingdom, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

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