Devo 24

“Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.”  Matthew 24:35

Last week’s devo was long, so I’ll make this one short and sweet.  In a way, this week’s memory verse answers the same question we grappled with last week, namely, what’s the point of trying to understand the really hard passages of scripture?  We already talked about how the Bible is God’s revelation to all mankind concerning His Son, Jesus Christ and the means He provided for us to be reconciled unto Himself.  So every time we dig deeply into God’s Word we are only going to find more reason to worship our crucified and risen Lord!   We also talked about how God has given us His Spirit and indeed, the very mind of Christ, to help us understand those difficult truths!   

This week’s scripture readings all have to do with the eternality of God, His Word and ways,  and the finiteness of basically everything else. The heavens above are often referenced from a human perspective of permanence.  They seem to us firmly fixed, an endless picture of God’s faithful and eternal nature.  But scripture also reminds us that even the long enduring heavens are but a shadow.  They too, will wear out, perish, pass away.  Even the most seemingly ancient fixtures in our universe are but a breath in God’s economy.

Oh, but God’s Name and His fame (Psalm 72:17), His throne and His own, His steadfast love and faithfulness (Psalm 89:2,36), His salvation, righteousness (Isaiah 51:6) and His Word (Matt. 24:35) WILL NOT PASS AWAY!  

The infinite nature of God’s Word should beckon us to waste not a minute in plumbing its depths.  The most difficult passages are but a portal to a clearer revelation of our Glorious Lord!

Tolle lege, friends!

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