Week 12

Memory Verse: Psalm 84:11

Reading #1: Genesis 25:29-26:5

Questions:  What logical reasoning did Esau use for selling his birthright for a bowl of soup?What was going on in the land at the time God renews His covenant with Isaac?  What charges, commandments, statutes and laws do you think God was commending Abraham for having obeyed?

Reading #2: Exodus 16:1-21

Questions: What was going on in the wilderness of Sin with Abraham’s descendants? What were they wishing for in verse 3 and how does it remind you of Esau?  In verse 7, what does Moses tell the Israelites they will see in the morning?  What was on the ground in the morning and where had it come from? In verses 19-21, what happened to the left-over manna?

Reading #3: Isaiah 30:19-26

Questions:  What was going on in verse 19 and how does God respond?  What kind of bread does God give them this time?  Who will the people see?  In verse 26 what does God promise to do for them and what was the cause of their injury?

Reading #4: John 6:22-71

Questions:  What truth does Jesus confront these “seekers” with in verse 26? What food does He encourage them to “work for” instead, and how does Jesus say they’ll actually get it?

In verse 32 what evidence does Jesus offer them as a sign of His authority? What is promised to al those who “look on the Son and believe in Him?” After hearing these truths, what characteristic thing are the Jews once again doing in verses 41, 52 and 60? 

Psalms and Hymns

Psalm 84B “For God the Lord is shield and sun; The Lord will grace and glory give.  No good will He withhold from one who does uprightly walk and live.”

Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed  “Well might the sun in darkness hide and shut His glories in, when God, the mighty Maker, died for man the creature’s sin.”

In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him “From the first bright light of morning, to the last warm glow of dusk; every breath we take is sacred, for it is God’s gift to us.”

Praying Under the Same Sky

Iceland, India, Indonesia

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