Week 5

Memory Verse: Psalm 104:19

Reading #1: Genesis 1:16-19  

Questions: What  purposes did God give for “the two great lights?”  What would be different about every morning and evening from the fourth day on?

Reading #2: Psalm 136:1-9

Questions:  In what ways is David’s Psalm of praise echoing the creation account of Genesis 1:16-19?  What characteristic does David attribute to God when He made the heavens?  What do you think he means by that?  What conclusion does David draw from the existence of sun, moon and stars?

Reading #3: Song of Solomon 6:10

Questions:  What words would you use to describe the moon?  What words would you use to describe the sun? Why do you think God uses imagery like the sun in this passage and in Psalm 19:4-6, to describe brides and grooms, and by extension, Christ and His church?

Reading #4: 1 Corinthians 15:35-49

Questions: Which elements of creation does Paul employ to illustrate the idea of different “kinds?”  How does Paul further categorize the heavenly bodies?  Why do you think Paul is so careful to make these distinctions when talking about the resurrection of the dead?

Psalms and Hymns

Psalm 104C: “The moon You have set the seasons to show; the sun will its time for each setting know.  When you make the darkness, the night follows day, and beasts of the forest creep forth seeking prey.”

Psalm 136A: “Who placed the great lights on display; His mercy lasts forever; The sun to rule the sky by day; His mercy lasts forever; The moon and stars to rule the night; His mercy lasts forever; Who Egypt’s firstborn all did smite; His mercy lasts forever.”

Praying Under the Same Sky

Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile

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