Friday Factoid Week 1

This feature is usually done by the boys but since they haven’t started school yet you’re stuck with me.  So I thought I’d offer up a few little fun facts about this blog.

Fact #1: The Godmadeknown blog has been visited by readers from 83 different countries!  Read more about how we’re praying for those nations on the new Under the Same Sky page posted on the blog menu in the upper right hand corner.  We’ll be listing the countries we’re praying for that week at the bottom of each week’s readings post.

Fact #2:  The scripture passages on the weekly readings are actually linked to the on-line ESV Bible so you can just click on the reference and read!

Fact #3:  The Psalm and Hymn titles at the bottom of the weekly readings page are also linked to Youtube videos in case you’re unfamiliar with tunes.  The Psalm tunes are from a Psalter called the Book of Psalms for Singing which we use only because that’s the one we learned to sing the Psalms from. The hymnal we use is called Sing Joyfully and it’s missing all kinds of favorites but it happens to be the one I could buy 6 copies of at a garage sale for pennies.

Fact #4: Here’s a flashback to what was going on in our Hawaiian sky 6 years ago this week.

Fact #5: And here’s a fun little bonus video for your viewing pleasure.

BTW: Did any of you happen to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower this week? We only saw a few from our place but Tom, Joel and Nate got a great show under the clear skies of Mt. Whitney!

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