Final Friday’s Factoid 33 (by Titus and Joel)

This week we learned more about technology in space and we did more experiments. My favorites were the ones with balloons. We tried to blow balloons up in a bottle but you can’t because of the air pressure. Then we put a balloon on a bottle in ice and the balloon sank in but when we put it in hot water it got bigger. Then we let all the balloons go from the balcony and they flew just like rockets (Joel, 7 1/2).

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I had to do a science project. It was about why the sky is blue. It isn’t really blue it just looks that way because the white light from the sun gets scattered by particles in our atmosphere and you mostly see the blue rays of color. The sky is different colors on different planets. I did an experiment with clear water and with water that had drops of milk in it. The clear water just looked blackish clear when I shined a flashlight on it but the other water looked blue just like our sky.

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Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)
Whew! I can’t believe we’re done for the year! I’m super proud of the boys for completing all 33 Factoids. This is the only time they have ever worked with a computer and I think they did a great job. Here is a little progress report on each of them.
Titus: 3 huge accomplishments stick out to me from this year. The first is your diligence in reading through the Bible. I can’t believe you only started in December and you are already half way through Psalms! Thank you for finding those great verses about birds along the way for our memory work next year. The second thing is the bravery you showed last month when you had to go to a “real” school for a whole week to do standardized testing. I know you didn’t like it but we are so proud of how well you did! Finally, I really admire how you committed to playing tennis with the “old guys” 3 days a week and how you stuck with it even when you didn’t feel like it. You are proving to be extremely reliable and I suspect Al might live to see his hundredth birthday in a few months partly because of spending time on the courts with you. God has gifted you in so many special ways and I am daily in awe of the things you can do.
Joel: You have come so far in your reading and writing skills this year. I love to hear you reading to your little brothers and I know they appreciate it, too. You are a great story teller/writer but it is your letter writing that has blessed me the most. Your little notes are treasures to me and you always know exactly the right words to encourage. I have also been super blessed by your ability to make friends and your heart’s desire that they all know Jesus. I pray that the Lord will continue to use you in mighty ways for His kingdom.
Nathan: Some poor school teacher out there is missing out on the sweetest, most eager little student! But I’m keeping you all to myself! Congratulations on finishing not just one, but 2 whole math books and for learning to read whole sentences! Your compassionate spirit continues to bless me and others. Thank you so much for always taking such good care of Mommy when she has been so sick. You are my little ministering angel.
Samuel: You learned to swim and to snorkel before you even turned 4! You are amazing! And your big brothers did a great job teaching you your ABC’s and to count. You are also developing some great artistic talent. I especially like it when your pictures end up on paper and not on you or the furniture. Those are real masterpieces! The “plays” you perform for us keep us all laughing and unlike some of Daddy’s drama students, we never have to tell you to “pro-ject.” I can’t wait to see what you will be accomplishing next year!

12 thoughts on “Final Friday’s Factoid 33 (by Titus and Joel)

  1. Thank you “mom” for knowing your children and encouraging them to “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord” . . . each of their individual characteristics and abilities being used to give God the glory and parents (and grandparents) to have “no greater joy” . . . Thank you . . . . love that you are packing to come here!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Titus – – love your science project. Your Opa evaluated and graded science projects in several school districts . . . he would definitely give you top honors!


  3. Julie!! Oh my!! This is my favorite! This is the good kind of proud!! What precious memories. This has prompted me to record some of my own… somewhere. it seems maybe i record those things that need the most prayer, but i LOVE your focus on the growth and gifts. Could i just live closer to you and soak up some of your wisdom? We need to have a kona date! (I am trying to day a coffee date! πŸ™‚ ) I am sad that you are done for the year! I will miss you! Enjoy your summer with Dad! I have to send the baby a John Deere onesie!! πŸ™‚
    Ps… thinking of visiting Hawaii in Dec or Jan. How is the weather then?


    1. I would love a Kona coffee date with you! In German we call it Kaffeeklatsch, where you sit and visit over coffee and pastries. The Hawaiians call the visiting part “talking story” but their pastries just don’t measure up.:) Are you thinking of coming to the Big Island? Dec. and Jan. are, of course, beautiful but that is peak season so plan on scant accommodations and high ticket prices. I’d be happy to help in the search though. Have a great summer in the meantime!


      1. Pastries, story-telling, and coffee= fun! We visited Maui when we were expecting our first, and we’ve always said we’d visit Hawaii again for our 10th anniversary, which is in August. It still tops our list for best vacation! I’ll keep you posted on plans and enlist your help! thank you!


    1. Should have some news by the weekend. Oma doesn’t arrive until Thursday so we don’t want any news before then! πŸ™‚ Just reread the little progress reports I posted above and am so proud to say that Titus actually did finish reading through the entire Bible. He wanted to finish so he could start from the beginning again reading aloud to baby like I did to he and his brothers when they were born. Thanks again for your prayers.


      1. Well, I hope your little warrior stays nice and cozy in Mommy’s tummy until Thursday! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the update. Yay for Titus! What a sweet and thoughtful one! I remember reading about your nursing and reading somewhere on your blog! I sure couldn’t say I’d read through the Bible in 3rd grade! We have really enjoyed the ICBs. The kids are really able to comprehend. We will not finish in 7 months like Titus, but we are making progress! πŸ™‚ We started following the M’Cheyne TWO YEAR plan as a family. We all do our readings independently during the day and discuss them/ ask Dad questions at family worship at night. It has worked well, and I often have to tell the children to slow down and not get too far ahead! It just gets confusing to know where they really should be in order to keep all of us together. So, thanks for suggesting those! I hope you have a joyous weekend! πŸ™‚


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