Dark Energy/ Dark Matter part 4

This is the last installment in the History Channel series I was able to find. See Friday’s Factoid 30 for the first part.

4 thoughts on “Dark Energy/ Dark Matter part 4

  1. After watching all four parts and listening to the commentary, one gets the impression that cosmologists are poised on the edge of a whole new realm of discovery, one that is not “ordinary” or seen but mysterious and invisible. They talk about the invisible “dark matter” and “dark energy” that supports and controls the universe. That great black vacuum out there, made up of mysterious unseen particles that can pass through ordinary matter without disturbing it, is being attributed supernatural characteristics. These same scientists scoff at the biblical idea of angels in a spirit world and Jesus appearing to the disciples in a room with locked doors. Did He not walk through walls without disturbing “ordinary” matter? They claim “dark matter is fundamental to why we’re here . . . It goes back to the beginning of time.” Are they on the verge of believing that something or someone existed even before time had a beginning?


  2. Dark Matter
    A Creationist Response
    Don B. DeYoung

    CRSQ Volume 36 No. 4 March 2000

    This article surveys the evidence along with possible micro and macroscopic dark matter candidates. The entire idea is then evaluated from the creation perspective. In his concluding remarks, the author says this:

    What then is dark matter? I have suggested that dark matter exists within galaxies, if not elsewhere. We have considered various physical micro and macro-size possibilities. But there is another option. Perhaps the dark matter we seek is in reality the unseen hand of the Creator. We know from Colossians 1: 17 that God in some way holds all things together. Therefore at some point, physical reality must mesh with the spiritual. And that point may lie in the unexplicable problems of modern science.

    The law of gravity has been known since it was first explained by Isaac Newton in 1687. On a deep level, however, gravity remains a mystery .That is, we have no idea how objects physically communicate their positions and interact with each other. This ignorance about gravity or dark matter, for both creationists and non-creationists alike, should be a humbling experience. We know very little about physical reality, since we presently “see through a glass darkly” (I Corinthians 13: 12). Creationists look forward to the future, when our understanding will be made complete.


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