Friday’s Factoid 28 (by Mom)

We had standardized testing all this week (as required by the state of Hawaii), plus 2 birthdays, and some late nights (will post on the Starlight Snorkel outing later!) so our week was a little off. I read the material aloud to the boys but decided to give them a break from the whole typing routine. Sorry to disappoint some of our followers (you know who you are, Omas and Opas), but today’s post is only from the teacher. So here are the next 4 stanzas of our homemade rhyme about the Zodiac signs as the ancient Hebrews would have understood them.

As a sacrifice Christ’s flesh was scourged,
but from His death New Life emerged.
CAPRICORN shows the goat now slain,
and the fish, His church, the Living Gain.
From the stricken Rock fresh water burst,
to quench the desert wanderers’ thirst.
AQUARIUS shows the stricken Man,
Those who drink of Him shall not thirst again.
Two fish by cord are captive bound,
just as the Israelites were found.
Like PISCES all God’s children yearn
for their Redeemer’s quick return.
ARIES represents the Lamb,
Worthily called The Great I Am.
Slain for us but exalted high,
A faithful witness in the sky.

(An interesting note on Aries taken from Fleming’s book, “God’s Voice in the Stars”):
“About the time of the exodus of Israel from Egypt, the sun entered Aries on the fourteenth day of the Jewish month of Nissan. This was the day on which the Israelites were ordered to slay a lamb and sprinkle its blood on the lintel and doorposts of their houses. In the course of almost fifteen hundred years, and due to the precession of the equinoxes, the sun receded further into the sign of Aries. By the fourteenth day of Nissan in the year AD 30 (the probable date of Christ’s crucifixion), the sun stood in the head of Aries near the stars Elnath (The Wounded) and Sheretan (The Bruised).”
The author points out that due to the darkening of the sky at the time of Christ’s death those who looked for the sun would have seen these two stars instead which had been stood as prophetic witness to this very hour for millennia. Here are some more star meanings from Fleming’s book.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 28 (by Mom)

  1. Happy birthday, Sam! What you and your brothers are studying now is God revealing Himself through His creation. What we see out there in the universe is awesome. The farther out the astronomers can see the more amazed they become. But what we see in Jesus Christ is simply overwhelming. In the Old Testament we have the promise of Isaiah 40:5. In the New Testament we have the fulfillment of that promise (2 Cor. 4:4-6) in the glory of God and the glory of Christ. You may not understand it now, but the Glory of God is the major theme throughout the scriptures from the beginning to the end. Be thankful that your mother is helping you to see that at an early age.


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