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Friday’s Factoid 19 (by Titus and Joel and Nate!)

Saturn is the “Ivory Soap Planet” because if you put it in water it would float. We did a science experiment with different kinds of soap to see which ones would float in water. Only Ivory did because it has gas bubbles inside. Saturn is a gaseous planet and is less dense than water so it would float, too (Joel, 7 1/2).
We put another bar of Ivory soap in the microwave to see what would happen. We all made a hypothesis. I thought it might disappear, Joel said it would explode, Nate said it would melt, and Sam said it would get bubbles. Then I remembered that air expands if it gets hot so I changed my guess. Mom said that was okay (Titus, 9).
We took the soap out of the microwave and it was all puffed up like a cloud. It was bigger than the plate. It stuck to the sides of the microwave. We played with it and turned it into snow. We made a big mess. But it was soap so Mom said it was a clean mess (Nate, 5 1/2).


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10 thoughts on “Friday’s Factoid 19 (by Titus and Joel and Nate!)

    1. Well, come on over! The boys would be happy to repeat it! If you try this at home, I must warn you that the next 2 food items that come out of your microwave will in fact, taste just like ivory soap.


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