Space Snacks

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Galactic Goody post so I thought I’d share one of our old favorites. When Target has these in-stock AND they are on sale I like to pick up these little space-themed goldfish crackers for a fun snack on the go. IMG_6428
We have also found a fun generic substitute at our local Longs/CVS pharmacy for almost half the price. Their box of crackers only consists of stars but we jazz it up a bit by adding our own “asteroids” (dried cranberries) and “orbits” (cheerios).
A quick astronomy-themed snack for a busy schoolday.IMG_5146

12 thoughts on “Space Snacks

  1. Wish I was there – – not because of snack time, though . . . Any use for black licorice as the ‘dark matter’?


    1. Hey Shannon! I am not a textbook expert by any means, especially when it comes to Apologia. This is actually the first time I’ve used any of their curriculum. I started the days of creation when my oldest was in first grade with geology (dry-land) and had a text from the Wonders of Creation Series by Dr. Morris. The next year we did Botany (plants) with no text at all. According to the creation account astronomy should have been next but that’s when we moved to Hawaii and I wasn’t sure how long we would be here so I switched order and did Sea Creatures instead since it would have been foolish not to, living right on the ocean. I also did that one without a textbook. So that put us at Astronomy this year which my sister-in-law had happened to do last year so she passed along her Apologia text and I really liked it. I bought a Junior workbook to go with it which the boys have all shared. (The little guys do the coloring pages, my second -grader does the mini-books and printed copywork, and my third-grader does everything else and the cursive copywork). Next year we are back on schedule with Flying Creatures and I will probably be ordering the Apologia text for that. I am also adding everything else that hatches from an egg like reptiles, amphibians, and dinosaurs (not fish, since we already studied them last year). That leaves Mammals for the year after that which I will incorporate Geography into and the Human Body after that which will also mark the beginning of our study of the history of mankind beginning with Genesis 2. ( I’ve already been storing away your ideas from the book of Genesis.:) So that takes us to 7th grade for our oldest and 3rd grade for our youngest so I figure I’ll have to recycle the previous subjects for the younger ones. Sound exhausting to me as I think about it (but not as exhausting as washing dishes, my LEAST favorite chore. 🙂 Now I have to go back and reread your comment because I’m not sure that answered any of your questions at all. 🙂

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 4:13 PM, godmadeknown


      1. Kitchen has been cleaned. Kids tucked in. SORRY! This helps so much. Thank you for taking the time to help me mentally work through this! 🙂 Knowing you liked it enough to continue with it is enough for me! 🙂 My messy kitchen distracted me, and you did a great job interpreting my nonsense! I thought the young explorers series from Apologia was recommended for 3-8. I thought I’d start it next year in 3rd Grade and complete all days by 8th grade- just in time for 9th Grade credits. I now realize that it’s more of a K-6 with additional courses (General Science?) starting in 7th. That means, if I stick with Apologia, I could not cover all of the Creation days in the junior series before I should be moving on to the 7th Grade General Science course. I will need to study more than 1 day in a school year, i guess. Oh well!! I am so impressed that you covered so much without a curriculum! I will be cyclying back through previously covered material, as well, with the youngest ones. My littlest ones will study almost nothing in order… especially if a #5 ever comes into the mix!! Yes, it is a bit exhausting to think about, isn’t it? Such a joy at the same time though. 🙂 Thank you for your help. I love your thoughfulness and plan to begin with Gen. 2 after Creation. Your living timeline page and your thoughts on studies gave me so much to think about! Don’t answer me now, but what did you study in college? That can be for another time! 🙂 Thanks again! Good night!


  2. You are so sweet and such an encouragement, Shannon. To answer your last question, I studied philosophy in college, where I received a whole lot of training in how to think deeply about stuff like education and absolutely no training in how to effectively carry it out! 🙂


  3. That’s not all there was to it, Shannon. She was straight “A” through college for her BA and was offered a full PHD level fellowship grant at Notre Dame. She chose instead to be a mother and keeper at home. Her mom and dad are extremely proud of her.


  4. Okay. This conversation has gotten way off topic. As moderator, I would like to remind you all of the purpose of this post which was to bring an awareness to the fact that Goldfish crackers make a very tasty and delicious snack!


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