Sunset of the Week

“From the rising of the sun to its setting,
the name of the Lord is to be praised!”
-Psalm 113:3

5 thoughts on “Sunset of the Week

  1. Well, guys, that sunset hooked me! I’ve decided to come and see one for myself. I’ll be there with Oma and Jennie on Dec. the 2nd. And I hope to sit in on a few of your astronomy sessions. I tried to get NASA to make a low pass over Kona with the space shuttle but they couldn’t fit it into their schedule. I’m impressed with your academic achievements so far, but envious that I never had the same opportunity to attend such a school. My mom or dad didn’t know anything about what’s up there in the sky other than just to look at it. See you soon. Love you much!
    The Opa (with some hair)


  2. Very funny, Dad. You won’t be sitting in on any lessons, you’ll be teaching them. You know more about astronomy than anyone I know and I’ll need a break by then, anyway. By the way, you do know “the Opa without the hair” reads these, too, right?


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