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Friday’s Factoid 8 (by Nate!)

Venus is my favorite planet because it has lots of volcanoes. I like hot lava. Cold lava turns into rock. It is called A’a in Hawaii and there is a volcano with lava here too. I have seen it. Venus shines bright even in the morning because it is covered with lava. I have seen Venus the most because I wake up the earliest of all. We made pictures of volcanoes (Nate,5).

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Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)
Titus and Joel took a break from writing today’s Factoid since Nate begged for a turn to write (or rather dictate) about his favorite planet. And yes, he probably is better acquainted with it than anyone else since he does habitually rise at the crack of dawn. As to his theory of extreme luminescence being due to the presence of lava on Venus’s surface, that is doubtful at the very least. But hey, we’ve heard a lot crazier than that from the science crowd, haven’t we?