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Friday’s Factoid Week 14

We’re studying space rocks right now and pulled out a rhyme we made up last go-around to remember all the different kinds. You can check out the original by clicking here.


Dirty snowball out in space

With smudgy tail making chase.


Ice melts off and leaves behind

Dirt and rocks that sometimes find…


Their way through Earth’s thick atmosphere

But burn all up before getting here.


Except for sometimes they crash on through

And hopefully don’t land on you!


Below is a summary of definitions complements of Titus and if you click here there’s a link to a bonus Friday Flashback!



Friday’s Factoid 13 (by Titus and Joel)

We have been studying about Mars. Some people think we should live there. I do not think that is a good idea (Joel,7). At night we can see Mars from our lanai. Right now there is a robot roaming around named Curiosity. We can not see the robot though. Even with our telescope. Here is a video about how the robot got on Mars. It is very exciting (Titus,8).