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Friday’s Factoid 14 (by Titus and Joel)

We got some Mars Sand and Mars Mud at the Planetarium. The sand was magic because it stayed dry even after being in water for a long time. It was fun to play with but it didn’t really come from Mars and Daddy says you can get the same stuff at the hardware store (Titus, 8).
Mars Mud does not make sense because there is not enough water on Mars to make mud.
There is maybe only a little frozen water and dry ice. In the winter it is so cold in some places that the air freezes on the ground (Joel, 7). `
Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)
A few dear souls who are kind enough to follow this blog have shown some interest in our “Living Timeline” and wanted more details. Well they (you know who you are, Shannon:) now have it. Probably in a greater abundance than anyone really wants. But we now have a page devoted specifically to this topic. Just click on “Our Living Timeline” at the top of our home page. And only go there if you are truly interested in this topic because, I warn you, it is rather lengthy.