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Solar System Models

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Picked up a Solar System model kit at a garage sale a while back (no doubt an unused gift from a well-meaning grandparent). It hadn’t even been opened and included glow-in-the-dark paint which made it more-than-worth the 50 cents I paid for it. It was the perfect project for my 2nd and 3rd graders but a little advanced for my kindergartener and preschooler. So I forked over about 10 times the amount I paid for the complex kit for a couple packs of squishy, sticky little balls called “Play Foam.” It lived up to all it’s promises of squishy, molding, shaping fun that won’t dry out or stick to carpet and was the perfect medium for my younger guys to create their own solar system model. A little more expensive than Playdough but can be left out without drying and stepped on without ruining your carpet. Makes nice multi-colored planets which are also great for pelting your brothers with and no black eyes!