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Friday’s Factoid 11 (by Titus and Joel)

When we go down on our beach sometimes the tide is high and comes way up onto the sand and sometimes it is really low and we can walk out on the rocks and find stuff like Pencil Urchins, Brittle Stars, Hermit Crabs, and Sea Cucumbers. When it’s low tide we can even see Petroglyphs on the flat lava rock. We learned to read a moon and tide calendar so now we know before we go to our beach if it will be a swimming kind of day or an exploring kind of day (Joel, 7).

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This week we learned about the moon and how it pulls on Earth’s oceans to make the tides. The moon has a lot less gravity than the earth and that’s why the astronauts could jump so high there. If we lived on the moon I could go all the way to the top of our stairs in one jump. If the moon had even less gravity there would not be enough to pull on the Earth’s oceans to make the tides and all the water would get stagnate and everything would die (Titus, 8).

Teacher’s Two-Cents (by Mom)

Turtle Pair at High Tide







Thank you, Lord, for turtles and tides,
sand between toes,
sunset and moonrise,
beach treasures by troves,
blue sea and skies,
8 little hands and 8 little eyes,
to grasp and to wonder
at the world that You’ve made,
the bright moon in its splendor
that brings in each wave.

Countdown Cupcakes

In honor of this week’s SpaceX rocket launch (and my birthday) we made Countdown Cupcakes using a recipe I got from Aunt Lois, who called them “3,2,1 Cakes.”
So easy our pre-schooler made one himself!

Mix 1 box Angel Food cake-mix with 1 box any other cake-mix.
Now for the Countdown.

3…TBLSPs dry cake mix into microwave safe mug or ramekin.
2…TBLSPs water into same mug, stir
1…Minute in the microwave, top with canned frosting
Blast-off to Planet Yumminess!

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From the setting of the sun to its rising…

…”the name of the Lord is to be praised!” Psalm 113:3

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Okay, I know I got my settings and risings mixed up but that’s because we found extra opportunity this week to praise the name of the Lord during the night. So instead of giving you a sunset (or sunrise) of the week picture, you’re getting a slide show (compliments of NASA) of some images from within Cygnus, the Swan constellation. We’re spending a lot of time looking at Cygnus the next couple weeks because we are participating in the Great World Wide Star Count. This means making a report on the number of stars we can see within the Cygnus constellation on any given night between October 5 and 19. You can participate in the star count too, by clicking on the following link:starcount

Also, congratulations to Titus and Joel who can now identify 8 of these constellations by sight in the night sky! A quarter of the way toward our goal!