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Friday Factoid Week 17

Did you know that stuff in space actually does make noise?  NASA has recorded some of the sounds made by planets in our solar system, stars and even mysterious sounds in interstellar space.  Isn’t it cool to think that Earth has it’s own special song?  What must this cosmic orchestra sound like to God?  You can click on the following links for a small taste of “The Music of the Spheres.”

Earth’s Song here

Sounds of all the planets here

Intersteller space sounds here

If you’ve never heard it before make sure you also listen to this clip from a message by Louis Giglio about the sounds of the stars.

Louis Giglio here

And here’s a Flashback to go along with next week’s readings on the heavens giving praise.  If you’re into history you’ll love this seldom-heard story!


Friday’s Factoid 10 (by Titus and Joel)

We learned about earth’s magnetosphere. It comes from the outer core and protects us from solar winds that blow particles at the earth. Our magnetosphere blocks the particles except for sometimes it doesn’t. Then the particles get into our atmosphere and make light shows called auroras (by Joel,7).

NASA just recorded the sound of the earth coming from the magnetosphere. It is called Earth’s Chorus and it sounds like birds chirping. Chorus waves might carry killer electrons which are dangerous for astronauts. You can listen to Earth’s song here. (by Titus, 8)