To Blog or Not To Blog…

As our school year draws to a close, I’m thinking more and more about whether or not to continue blogging about it next year. Because we were studying astronomy and had internet for the first time ever, it seemed a perfect complement to our studies. But next year our focus is on birds and other creatures that hatch from eggs and all the high tech accoutrements don’t seem as fitting to the subject. So here are the pros and cons of blogging our school year. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. The state of Hawaii requires me to keep a record of what we’re doing anyway so why not do it on-line?
2. We live really far away from family so this has been a great way for the grandparents and other family members to keep tabs on what we’re doing with our days.
3. Since we don’t allow video/computer games, assigning our older boys the “Friday’s Factoid” was a great way to get them comfortable using a keyboard/computer.
4. It was super encouraging connecting with other believers and homeschoolers in the blogging community. 3 other blogs I discovered through this process that I highly recommend to others are parablesofthesky, ihavenogreaterjoy, and hiseternalworld.
5. I loved sending our weekly memory verses and hymns out into cyber space with the prayer that they might be used to encourage others. According to our stats God was Made Known in this small way in 57 countries around the world. How cool is that!

1. Internet is expensive here!
2. It creates a strange sense of vulnerability giving strangers such a close look at our daily lives.
3. Blogging takes up precious minutes of my day that will probably be pretty full with Baby Boy #5 due in August!

So what do you all think? Is it worth the time and expense? Is it time to call it quits?

26 thoughts on “To Blog or Not To Blog…

  1. Oh I would be sad to see you go! But I understand the cons too! Maybe you could post a highlight once a month, or whenever you have the time/inspiration?
    Blessings for the new little one soon to join – how wonderful!

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  2. I love reading about your adventures, but family is the most important thing. God called us to teach our children and you do a wonderful job. I think that if blogging is taking precious time away from your littles, then it is not worth it. God bless you in whatever decision you make. Listen to His voice and He will lead you.

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  3. First, Julie, I want to congratulate you and Tom on yet another son in your family, Lord-willing! Our wise God knows which gals will make the perfect mothers for lots of sons; you and our Marilee are two of them, for sure!

    I have been so impressed with your little men and the things they come up with. I have been amazed that you have done such a thorough, inspiring, interesting, fun blog for so long! You have, and are training your sons to have, tremendous follow through.

    I am guessing that most who have experienced your blog would love to see you continue and to learn about creatures that hatch from eggs, especially from your sons’ viewpoints! Time and expense are definitely cons! However, your pros seemed to out-number the cons, just sayin’ !!!! 🙂

    I think Corli’s idea might be a good solution for all.

    Much love to you, Tom, and your little men,


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    1. Paula, what a treat to hear from you! Your Marilee is my hero in the boy raising department and having raised 5 boys of your own makes your input most valued! Still mulling it all over! A big Aloha to you and yours!

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  4. To blog or not to blog . . . what fun it has been to follow the blog and the commments of the boys . . . however, I am content with either choice that will be the best for you and your family . . . knowing that you will continue to send Opa’s and Oma’s updates and pictures for which are are blessed and thankful!!!

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  5. Awww… thank you! I can’t wait to visit the other blogs you mentioned! I would miss your blog (and all of you) (maybe i’m the creepy stranger), and I think you know my vote! 😉 You have a really unique thing here with the boys writing and the hymns and verses. Also, though it’s not your intention, you have a subtle way of showing us through your posts and “two-cents” what a Christian mom and a family with Christ at the hub looks like. We have a lot to learn from you. I know that blogging is time consuming, and I certainly understand your cons! I like the “less posts” suggestion!

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    1. No way are you “the creepy stranger”! I recognized you as a kindred spirit right from the start. Thanks for being a most faithful follower. You’ve been a huge encouragement through this little cyber journey.

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  6. I find blogging to be like a memory book. I never did keep up on those baby books so this helps me feel guilt free about that, lol. Another angle to look at is if you are touching someone else’s lives in a positive way. Maybe you made someone smile that truly needed it? Is it worth it? =) btw… we *love* birds and would totally love seeing what you share!!

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    1. You are so right! It is like a memory book and I have been totally negligent in making real ones. Maybe I could just print the posts out and it can count as having documented at least one year in their life. Thanks for the idea and the encouragement to keep going!

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  7. I totally understand your reasons not to blog. I’m thankful God led me to find your blog since we were going through the same astronomy curriculum. But I also appreciated your other posts that were not specific to your school work. Maybe after the baby is born and you’re already up in the middle of the night, you’ll have some extra energy to write a blog post or two. 🙂

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    1. Oh, that’s a great reason to blog…”Well, I’m not getting any sleep anyway, might as well blog about it.” 🙂 By the way, what did you think of the Apologia curriculum? Will you be continuing in the series?

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      1. I liked staying on the same topic for a year. I felt like the kids retained more by doing it that way than when we cover a variety of topics but just skim the surface of each one. It was a challenge, though, because the material was written above their reading level. That’s why I was glad to find some helpful ideas from your blog to make it more fun and interactive for them. I have the next book in the Apologia series, but haven’t decided if we’ll continue with it.

        It is helpful to have a “record” of your work in a blog format. We did that when we were part of a charter school. We created a collaborative blog with other homeschoolers to post various art work, so it was kind of like a virtual art gallery. Older kids wrote about their work and their techniques in addition to displaying their work. It was great because it fulfilled a number of requirements given to us by the charter school.

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  8. Wow! That IS a tough decision. While I am sure you will make the best decision for your family, I think some of the suggestions are quite valid. Perhaps cutting back on the amount of time you blog is a good option.
    I might also suggest blogging from a local library which offers free wi-fi to be another suggestion. While the kids are searching for books, you could upload your blogging thoughts fairly quickly, at no expense to your family. (If you prep the blog points and have pics ready, uploading would be a breeze.)
    I WILL miss reading your blog more often, but appreciate that you are thinking of your family first.

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    1. Love the Library suggestion, but one of Hawaii’s dirty little secrets are it’s pitiful Libraries. The beaches and weather may be first class but the schools and libraries are terrible. We really only frequent ours a couple times a year. Sad, considering less than fifty years after the missionaries arrival and the subsequent spread of the the Gospel Hawaii was the most literate nation in the world.

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  9. I’ll be sad to see you go, if you do. It’s been fun to watch what you all are doing. However, I understand the time issue, which is a big reason why I’m so sporadic. I know you’ll make the right decision. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jaynell. I guess I just had it in my head that if I was going to do this it had to be regimented or it probably wouldn’t happen at all. But you’re right, it’s okay to be sporadic. It’ll keep our readers on their toes! 🙂

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    1. Oh dear, sorry to disappoint such a faithful reader but after this Friday’s Factoid you’ll probably only hear from us a couple times over the summer as we have 1 or 2 more astronomy related activities planned.

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  10. Julie, I’m just now catching up. Visiting relatives in Missouri and Illinois was not the most cheerful experience. No aunts and uncles left and the few cousins my age are mostly in senior care centers or should be.

    GMK has been a blessing to many, especially for the Oma’s and Opa’s as Uni expressed. Your list of “Pros” is hard to argue with. The “Cons” can be mitigated: fewer posts (once a week), fewer catagories (about 3) and I’ve already offered to subsidize the expense. As far as “vulnerability” is concerned, keep the “close looks” vague and fuzzy. We Oma’s and Opa’s will be disappointed but fully understand.

    We love you guys so much!

    The Opa with a little bit of hair left!

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    1. Hard to argue with that, Opa! I’m afraid next year’s subject matter might not be quite as captivating to your scientific tastes, however. Although, your old presentation on “Turkeys and Eagles” would be a great supplement if you were willing to dig it out for us! 🙂 By the way, Titus wants you to know he’s about half way through Job reading through the Bible you gave him.

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  11. I have read with interest the comments from your followers regarding “To Blog or Not to Blog”. You have listed more “Pros” than you have “Cons” regarding whether you should or shouldn’t continue. For myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and the inspiring passages of Scripture quoted, the Hymns that so succinctly tell of God’s Creation, the magnificent pictures, the facts presented and the writings by your “little men”. I would think that your boys have learned more about God’s creation than they would have learned in a school classroom. Speaking for myself, I would love to see you continue your blog because you have been an encouragement not only to me but I’m sure too many more individuals that you’re not even aware of (the unseen visitors who come and look at your blog).

    You indicated that “God was Made Known” in 57 countries around the world. Yes, it is cool to know that God has used your Blog to reach numerous individuals who have possibly been searching for answers regarding God, Creation and especially the Love of Jesus Christ, which you have so decisively testified to in the writings within your Blog, and especially your testimony as a family regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. However, I would recommend that your uplift your concern in prayer to our Heavenly Father regarding the decision of this Blog and allow Him to guide and direct you in right answer. You probably have already done this. Anyway, He will give you the right answer and you will know it is the right answer by the peace that you will have within your heart. Blessings to you and your family.


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